About Xoximilco: mexican floating fiesta in Cancun


Your party night out in Cancun and Riviera Maya!

Live the joy of the Mexican culture, customs and traditions through music, dance, games and food in an excursion on board colorful Mexican Gondolas across unique scenery from Mexico accompanied by family, friends and an animated host. Enjoy this magic place that pays tribute to the World Heritage Site at Mexico City.


Everyone's Invited | About Xoximilco Cancún
Everyone’s invited!

At Xoximilco the party is for everyone. Family, friends, couples or alone, the mood is set for everyone who wants to spend a great night. To accomplish this, we make sure that according to the sort of party you want to experience you will be accompanied by people who want to have the same kind of fun as you.
It doesn’t matter if your party plan is casual, with couples or family, Xoximilco Cancun always has the right mood for you to enjoy it to the fullest.

Onboard the Trajinera | About Xoximilco Cancún
On board the Mexican Gondola

Join the party with the joy and ambiance of Mexico. Your experience in Xoximilco Cancun includes a delicious dinner with the best mexican cuisine, tequila, beer, soft drinks and fresh water open bar, live music with a great variety of music genres to dance and sing to all night and a host that will make sure you enjoy every moment.

Party Host | About Xoximilco Cancún
Your new best friend

During the trip, a very personable, friendly and funny host will be in charge of livening up the mood. With a very amicable and spontaneous personality, he will show you the best dance steps, to sing proudly the most emblematic songs of Mexico, and guide you through the beautiful landscapes of the Park.

Dinner | About Xoximilco Cancún
No food, no party

Your mouth joins the party with a culinary experience full of emblematic and representative meals from different states of Mexico in a tasting of the many flavors of the country. An assorted and delicious dinner.

Water Canals | About Xoximilco Cancún
A very special place

A big part of the appeal of the park Xoximilco Cancun is that it sits on the beautiful landscapes of the Mayan jungle and is surrounded by natural beauty. A space perfectly situated amongst mangroves, inlets and chinampas accompanied by the stars, moonlight and pre-Hispanic and colonial architecture. A celebration for your eyes.

Dancing | About Xoximilco Cancún
Music and dance

At every good party the music makes the difference, and at Xoximilco you will dance to the sound of the most representative genres of Mexican music: norteño, ranchero, marimba and of course, you will feel and discover the identity of a whole country and get to know why the Mariachi is an Intangible Cultural Heritage by Unesco.

Recommendations | About Xoximilco Cancún

Remember that Xoximilco is in the middle of the jungle, this is why mosquitos (although nobody invited them) want to be part of the celebration, so we recommend wearing long trousers, closed shoes and to use biodegradable insect repellent. Xoximilco is so fun, even mosquitos don’t want to miss the party!

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